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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What happens in Tahoe... gets blabbed all over the internet

If only I had some lurid, saucy stories to share. But no, Chick Trip '08 was pretty tame and that was all good with us.

My friend, Marial, flew into town a week and a half ago and we packed up and headed off to Tahoe for a week.

This is basically what you see when you drive between Salt Lake City and Tahoe.

tahoe 001

Well, that's not true. This is the Salt Flats which is quite a bit more exciting than Nevada via I-80. BTW, did you hear that someone went 415 mph on the salt flats last weekend? I bet those drivers wear Depends or something. Four hundred and fifteen mph's!!! Yikes!

Back to us, though. Marial snagged us a swanky condo in Squaw Valley. Check out the views from our balcony.

tahoe2 002 tahoe2 001

No tents and coolers for us this year, because we be celebrating the big FIVE OH!

Those hot tubs were wonderful... the perfect way to marinate our abused bodies.

We hiked down to Emerald Bay and beyond one day. Beautiful only starts to describe it.

tahoe 020 tahoe 044

This is the Vikingsholm Castle. It is under construction, like most of the roads in the Tahoe area.

tahoe 031tahoe 024

And we biked the west shore of the lake, stopping at Sugar Pine point. This is Marial multitasking.

tahoe 010

She is parenting by phone and taking pictures at the same time.

tahoe 013

That's a boat that we didn't ride.

tahoe 039

Can you believe how clear that water is??? They say you can see a white dinner plate in 75 feet of water. I believe it.

tahoe 086

We also took a hike up to Ellis Lake and had a little lunch lakeside. It was so pretty and peaceful.

tahoemari 271 Notice my cute new pants from REI. The legs zip off when it gets too hot! I have no idea why it looks like I have a stick up my butt.

Here's our kayak trip on Donner Lake... another unbelievably clear lake.

tahoe2 006

Here's my copilot on her virgin kayak trip.

tahoe2 015 Okay, it was my first trip, too, but I'm pretty sure it won't be my last since we didn't rip any holes in the boat.

We paddled up and down almost the whole lake - not bad for a couple of novices.

Marial took this picture. Notice how ONE of us is busy paddling while the OTHER one, the one in the BACK, is taking pictures!

tahoemari 312

One day we drove around the whole lake and made brief contact with the racy Nevada side, but that was about it. We both preferred to throw our money into massages and body wraps at the spa. No pictures, just one word - ahhhh!

Definitely heaven, this Tahoe place.


Frana said...

Gorgeous place!

TwiBitch said...

Now I see why my brother loves to go there! He's in San Francisco so much closer than I am. Looks like you gals had a wonderful trip! I'm sooo jealous!

sleepdeprivedmomma said...

Yay for you and Mariel. Looks like a wonderful trip.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little bit jealous of your chick trip! The pictures are so pretty and it looks/sounds like you had an amazing time with the girls ;)

Oh (I forgot to look before I began typing this so if you already have it, ignore me) if you want to continue to see who visits your site head over to Statcounter.com You can set up a free account. It's a counter but also it tells you who came, their entry/exit page, shows you a map (my favorite part) of who is visiting etc. It's pretty cool, actually :) I know you like to know who's coming around!

MizAngie said...

So THIS is where you are when you disappear from "the other place." Niiiiice...

I don't understand people like you. What is it about biking and rowing and hiking that makes you think that's a VACATION? Ugh. Now, hot tub I get. Physical exertion? Not s'much. But that does speak volumes (excuse the pun) about the size of my ass...

Miss Thystle said...

OMG. That is so gorgeous! I've never been to Tahoe and now I really want to go.

But, um, how is it Chick trip '09 when it's only '08 still? Did I miss something?

meg said...

Too bad the Ponderosa closed up a couple years ago (it's probably all condos now :-P) it was fun & kitchy- spent Father's Day there a few years back.
Ahh, Donner Lake- I have fond memories of a summer there when I almost lost... er, um...never mind :-)

Miss Thystle said...

It's okay. I'm right there with you. We run our fiscal on the calender so I'm eyeball deep in 3rd quarter reports.

Anonymous said...


Too bad u got no patience left for us WLS freeks, but it's ok, we'll just follow you around and annoy you anywhere!

Be Good,


Tracie said...


Becca said...

I love your new place! Great job!


Nadine Hightower said...

O! M! G! That's beautiful!!!! I'm so envious!!

R U Serious?? said...

Do they dye that water?? I like ypur pants but What stick!!! You look just fine to me. Glad you had such a FUN time!

I guess I need to add 'Jane2' to my friends list!!

TwiBitch said...

No entry since December? WOW! Has it really been that long? How time flies! Anyway, no excuses except life & time, too much life & too little time. But I do think Blogger is the answer to the WLS dilemmas that MS keeps handing us. Mostly it's because I love WLW and Blogger won't let WLW add images very easily. Find it really tough to give up the convenience of WLW image posting.

There, now, aren't you sorry you asked!? :)

Joan said...

Beautiful pictures! Loved the view from you balcony also! Glad you got to enjoy yourself.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could see the pictures! Must be my pc.

Sounds like a good time, J. g