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Monday, October 27, 2008


Smilin' Shanna, whom I love, even though she has left me high, 'dry' (Youtah-duh!) and photographerless by running off to live down in Tayksus, has given me an award.

Here is what I must do: List 6 things that I love then pass the award onto (along with the rules) 6 blogs that I love! Those were the rules in case you are wondering.

Okay.... keep in mind these aren't the ONLY 6 things... or the TOP 6 things... I don't want to start anything... family: stay calm... I mean I obviously love my family otherwise I wouldn't be putting up with them day after frustrating day... until my nails are nibbled to the quick and... uh sorry, um... 6 things I love. In no particular order. And of no MAJOR significance.

1) Our dog. I won't go into that again because it is just sickening how that pile of pup can make me into one of those freaky, ooshy-gooshy pet people that I poke fun at.

2) Sleep. I love it and I'm good at it. Every night is a crazy dream-adventure, which I generally keep to myself to avoid being forcibly medicated.

3) Audiobooks. It's often best that I NOT be left alone with my thoughts when I'm riding or driving or cleaning the house. Also a must-have for driving through Nevada.

4) My bike. I admit I have become addicted to riding. There are no traffic jams when you only have 2 wheels. I even dream about riding on water and through the air! Oops, NOTtalkingaboutdreams....

5) Thai food. Pad Thai, red curry, green curry, yellow curry and all the things I have to point at on the menu because I can't get past the tom part.

6)Glass. I'm attracted to most shiny objects but glass is my favorite - especially stained glass.

Okay, that's done. Now for 6 blogs I love. It was a crazy weekend at Why-central and I have much catching up to do, so if I happen to pick someone that has already been picked, just go with it, okay? You can put TWO little thingys on your sidebar and feel even more honored.

Kat, SNJunie, Tracy and um... I gotta go but I'll add the rest later.


Jane! said...

Okay, WTF happened to the numbers??

Kat said...

Huh? Too much for my wee brain to handle after this weekend. Please explain again but do not use Whinese please...

MaDukes said...

I just stopped by to say hi!

What numbers?


Diane said...

We DO have some things in common. I have a 'pile of pup' that does the same thing to me (imagine how awful I felt when I clocked him in the head with a stick this morning! He seemed to understand it was an accident, poor baby). And stained glass? Love it.

I read your post above also and laughed out loud when I got to the note about the sweatshirt. I thought of you this morning when I was running at the park and had a nose emergency. No worries, though, my shirt went straight into the wash when I got home ;)

Anonymous said...

LOL I'm impressed that you did this! I just feel bad that I'm SO behind AHHHH ;)

You know, you are the one who started me on the quest for the perfect Thai restaurant...I tried one in Lehi before we moved and it was ... kind of weird. I'm betting there is better out there! I'll have to find a good one here :P
Audiobooks are the best. Especially when I don't feel like reading to the Munchkins - just pop in a story and instant happiness abounds!