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Sunday, October 12, 2008

I tell ya, snow joke

Wow, TGIM! Another day of weekend would have surely killed me. I crossed the last item off my list at about 9:30 last night. That new profile pic is supposed to exhibit my exhausted/bitter look but I think it comes closer to saying something like... "Halloween has come early for this wicked, witchy housewench." See where your heinous punishments have driven me?

Never mind what I just said, I couldn't stand that face so I changed to my queenly picture.

I cleaned all the ripe goods out of the garden on Friday night, but Homer convinced me to leave the rest because he was sure we were only in for a 'few nights of cold temps' and then it would be back to the 70's. I bowed to the great Gardenmaster and left the almost-ripe stuff. We covered the garden on Saturday night and Sunday it looked like this:

Oops, someone kicked their covers off in the night.
Can you believe that crap? Our fourth-earliest snowfall EVER. The leaves are still on the trees - and green! - for Pete's sake.

Someone else is not amused:

Well, me either, at the thought of trying to wrangle that frozen hose onto the reel as part of the 'clean the patio' item.

Okay, I'm really irritated that these two pictures seem to be bonded together.
Uh! Now, I've totally LOST the last picture... which I no longer have available for upload.
Well, there goes MY charming good nature for the day. It was a cute doggie-playing-in-the-snow shot. Awww...

So... yeah, back to The List. I want you to know that not only did I finish the list but I took full advantage of my organizational ADD, and managed to clean the laundry room, deep clean our bedroom, clean the kitchen SEVERAL times, cook a few meals AND crack the whip on the girls to get their work done. I did all this because I was a woman motivated... no, more like frightened. By what you ask?

Drum roll please...

The Pedicure.

I'm not sure if it was the prospect of having to GIVE the pedicure, or imagining how much Homer would enjoy it that inspired me. The man was right at the top of my other list this weekend - the one that lists all the different kinds of feces. This being the case, Lorrie's suggestion of tic-tac-toe three nights in a row was probably my number 2 choice. Again because I was in no mood to make his life more um... LAZY.

Okay... *deep breath*... back to my happy place...

Wait, just one more word... ASS!

Okay, much better now. And so my lovely winner, Nodope, if you email your particulars to me, I will send you your prize. If you're concerned that I might stalk you, go ahead and rent a PO Box, but be aware that since you live in Iowa, you are probably safe until spring thaw and by then I will have lost your address. I am not a very organized stalker. And I pretty much close up shop in the winter. Brrr... who wants to sit in a cold car... drinking lukewarm coffee... for hours with no potty breaks...
I mean, I've heard that stalking is better in the summer... not like I'd know.

I do have to compliment you ALL one your suggestions. I learned a lot, especially that our sweet Shanna has a cruel streak. And I think I might apply Anony Miss's suggestion to my evening tasks. No task completion, no makeup the next day. That way the world can share in my misery.


Guinevere said...

That much snow this early is just WRONG. :o( It has been gorgeous here...for now. I hate to jinx myself, but it's usually not too bad until Halloween. Then, all bets are off! ;o)

Anonymous said...

LOL! So glad you finished your projects ;) Giving pleasure to the man would just NOT be RIGHT. BAHAHA.

Tracie said...

Glad you got your list done. But I could have done without the snow pictures. That was just mean!

Nadine Hightower said...

snow?? snot good!
But that cat looks just like my Scooter cat!! EXACTLY!!

Miss Thystle said...

WTHeckles, Baby Jeebus? Snow this early in the year? Let's hope this isn't an indication of things to come.

PS stalking is way more fun in the summer.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the new profile pic!

MizAngie said...

So, Heifer...you just hadda make the rest of us look bad by actually accomplishing your goals. Or, in my case, by actually setting goals. Ha!

Tailgated all day Saturday with KM & family. His wife went to school at my place. They brought they're huge, fancy bus. We had hotdogs grilled by KM himself. So...I can now say I've had KMs wienie and buns in my hand and mouth (and stomach, and eventually bowels). *giggle*

MizAngie said...

Ewwww. I shoulda spent more time thinking about that before typing it out and posting.

Lorrie Veasey said...

I'm taking this to mean that Global Warming is no longer a threat.

Crossing "find solution for Global Warming" off of MY to-do list.

wow--look at the two of us. Just two productive gals. Yep. What's next on your list for next weekend, cuz i have..lemmee see...oh yeah-that World Hunger thing.

Anonymous said...

Oh but Jane, I NEVER win anything - EVER. 'Course, that may be because I never enter anything (nor buy lotto tickets) None the less...

So I wonder, will the Gods of fairness frown on me for this anomaly? What fate awaits me should they disapprove? Decisions, decisions!

Oh what the h!ll, I call myself a rebel I might as well conduct myself as such. Still got the same email?