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Sunday, October 12, 2008

The bird doesn't fall far from the window

Proof that us Why women are cut from the same cloth:

The whole family is scarfing down their biscuits and gravy on a peaceful Sunday morning when they hear the familiar sound of a bird smacking loudly into the living room window. Poor Homer is mortified and runs to look.

Jane calls: "CatTwo-oo!!""

Jane, Alpha and Omega in unison: "Cleanup on aisle...
Jane: ...four!"
Alpha: ... seven!"
Omega: ...three!"

Alpha: "I like how we all say different numbers."

I like how we all have the same dark sense of humor. Sometimes I am just so proud to be a mom.


Laughlines said...


j said...

The bird smudge on the window is definitely signs of sudden stop syndrome.

Domestic Goddess said...

LMAO!! Sounds like something we'd do here...Only Wolf would probably announce, "Wooo hooo! Supper! No grocery shopping tonight!" cause he's a sick sick puppy.

Jorge said...

Anyone with a good looking dog llike this one can't be all bad :-) I enjoyed reading through your posts. Be well,

Anonymous said...

LOL bye bye birdy1

Joisey said...

OMG! Scooby eats the leftovers. What is your princess doing to earn her keep?

Miss Thystle said...

THAT is how you know that you raised them right!