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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Saving the economy one sheet set at a time!

Well, if I got four pillowcases in my gold queen set in You-tah.
And Kat got four pillowcases in her white king set in Texas.
And I read some of the reviews on the Target website that ALSO mentioned four pillowcases.
I think there is a good chance that there could be more sets out there with four pillowcases.
Personally, I'd like to discuss it more but I have to hustle back to the Target.
...if you're wondering what the package said, I have to admit that I threw it in the trash without reading it... in the icky kind of trash where there's no turning back.


jill said...

makes me want to race over to target and see if our store has any sets with extra pillowcases. =D oh...but i can't...that stupid car is in the shop...again.

it has no idea how close it is to being traded for a much smaller convertible.

Kat said...

BTW I got the queen gold set for the guest room when Cole got out of the hospital and got him two king sets and all of them had 4 pillowcases!

MaDukes said...

Sounds like some packer for Target is in BIG trouble. By my Standards they should give that packer a raise.

I've never had 4 pillowcases in my package.