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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Simply charming

Yesterday on my ride home from work, I blew not one but TWO holes in my front bike tire. The first hit came from a wire lawn flag. The tip must have been bent juuuussst right so it lodged in my tire and went flarp, flarp, flarp spinning wildly with the tire until I was able to reign in my speed as well as my potty mouth. Thankfully, I wasn't in a school zone. This is You-tah so there's probably a fine for that.
Well, my bike has slime tires which are supposed to be self-healing so I hopefully yanked out the wire and the tire oozed a wee bit of green stuff and a few bubbles before sealing itself just as promised. I rode for another mile or more before I hit another something which brought me immediately down to the rim. Yikes! The new hole looked more like a vomiting little pac man who was obviously not going to get well on his own.
I pulled over and parked my butt next to the irrigation canal and considered using the phone-a-friend option, specifically a 'friend' that I gave life to. The one who had 'my' car. But that seemed like more trouble than I needed, so I took off the tire, put a couple patches on it and off I went; later and dirtier but feeling good because no fossil fuels were burned on my behalf.
So big deal, right? Well, it is actually, because the day before that, I rode home with no patch kit, no air pump and no cell phone (also no helmet - bad morning that one) illustrating once again just what a charmed life I lead.
I really believe that.
I also believe that one of these days, everything is going to go to $hit in a monumental way. And I want you to remind me of things like this when I am whining with intense agony over losing my million dollar lottery ticket.
I want you to say "Suck it up, Jane. Remember back in 2008 when fate postponed your flat tire by one day? This here is just payback."

Just for Shanna, I took a picture of my 'toolkit', with my cellphone joining the party just to show how big everything is. It all takes less space and is much lighter than my water bottle... now on the other hand, Homer's toolkit is quite a bit more complicated, because he has to abide by the rules of the man club which state that you must be able to rebuild the engine of a '52 Chevy with just the tools within reach.


Anonymous said...

LOL well good for you for saving another molecule on earth and not driving your car!
How on earth do you pack all those things with you? It must be some big back pack!

Tracie said...

Good for you for one-upping fate! What do you carry all that stuff in? On my old bike I had this removable basket (yes I can say geek) but I LOVED it! But my newer bike, the basket doesn't fit. I really just don't like a backpack on my back--it's too hot!

Lorrie Veasey said...

For certain you must have Very Good Karma. In the future you can also say: That was Zen and this is Tao.

Anonymous said...

Followed your link from WLS. Nice setup. It's a shame that WLS makes it so hard to post.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is tiny!! Thanks for the picture lol ;)

sleepdeprivedmomma said...

My brilliant friend, you and I both know that all life is carbon-based and therefore no one can irradicate their "carbon footprint". You are, however, being especially thrifty, with fuel prices being what they are and you are indeed helping to lessen the air pollution, oil consumption and bringing us the most wonderful adventures via your blog, thanks to your stalwart and admirable efforts. For the blogs alone, I thank you. The rest just confirms that you are a spectacular human!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm kinda liking this. I can take anonymous pot-shots and only our WLS friends know who I am. And if I really wanna get nasty I can skip the signature.

But you know me and my money says you'd figure me out anyway.

Got nutin' on the post really, but I was wondering how cool it would be to watch you over-inflate your goo-filled tires...


Miss Thystle said...

a changing font calculater would be, like, my absolute DREAM.

Nadine Hightower said...

High Five...Good Karma!!

My hubby has had me on a diet for almost 60 days.... Vlad the diet barbarian aka Roy... is tough and he has lost 35 pounds!!

But one day I said something about making jerky from his deer and that led to the smoker...it's my own fault. He keeps on a under 1500 diet and we go to the gym 5 days a week. We are both "retired" so we have loads of time on our hands.
BTW: I have two girls also. They are 2 years apart in age and both are as different as night and day.
Good luck in making it thru the teenage years.
I failed. MISERABLY!


Anonymous said...

So that's where all my good Karma is! Jane it's not fair to suck all of the good Karma out of life and keep it for yourself! I'm completely blaming the fact that my dryer stopped working this morning on you missy! You "Good Karma hogger"!

Guess who?

Kat said...

Okay I am guessing that Juney's dryer quit - man her life sucks!

I am one that certainly appreciates that you are keeping this earth cleaner for all of us!