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Friday, October 10, 2008

It's good to have goals

At this very moment I am feeling quite energetic and optimistic about how wisely I'm going to use my weekend. But I often feel that way on Friday, only to have my hopes tank like the Titanic. Call it lazy... or distraction... or willfulness, but Jane-with-Good-Intentions usually becomes Suddenly-its-Sunday-Night Jane.

Since I have used up half the weekends of my life, I need a new plan. The best I can think of so far is to set myself up with a little bit of internet-pressure.

My idea is to make a list, post it here and then come Monday I will have my post-of-reckoning where I will have to shamefully admit if I didn't complete all my tasks. But this will only work if there are consequences and since failing grades didn't scare me in college, I doubt they'll work now. Here's where you all come in.

I need you to come up with your best idea for Jane-appropriate punishment. Never mind what you're thinking, what I'm talking about is... something that I would totally HATE to do. Like Momma would make me eat a sandwich with mustard and mayo... or someone else might know to *gasp* make me wear pantyhose for a day. Sorry, I took the easy ones but you all gotta work for this. If you don't know me well enough, just make up some punishment that sounds pretty darn bad... like goin' huntin' with a VP wannabe. Gah!

Okay, here's what I need to accomplish:
  1. Clean the good stuff out of the garden - rumor has it there's a freeze a coming.
  2. Drain/wrap/cover the swamp cooler.
  3. Bring in my house plants.
  4. Put away all the $hit on the patio, excluding Homer's duck sh...tuff (notmyproblem).
  5. Get the furnace cleaned and running.
  6. And... find a new picture for my blog... one that makes me look less like a stoned woman in a mom-bob.
PLEASE comment me your motivations. I have a cool prize for the owner of the most motivating suggestion. REALLY!

I said please.


Anonymous said...

Oh this is fun...

I deem it necessary that you give Homer a pedicure if you miss the mark. No, I didn't say buy him one...you must GIVE him one!

Like it say's on your title bar...you get what you earn.

It says I can use SOME html tags such as...

Since I know absolutely NO html code, I'll stick with my not-so-charming banter.


one of these days I'm gonna not sign and see if you figure me out

Laoch of Chicago said...

Where is your goal of consuming incredibly fattening things?

Jane! said...

OH, dude, you've seen Homer barefoot, huh?

Anonymous said...

I think your punishment would have to be that you go to church on Sunday. Not just ANY church. Ohhh no, THE church. YOU know the one I'm talkin' about. Mmm hm. That one.



You can thank me later...

Joisey said...

Motivation, you ask? Not liking to deal with Sunday Night Joisey stuff. I changed the wax ring in our master bath today. I got the water bill today. It was $20 more than usual? Why? The middle bathroom flapper was not doing it's job. I ripped that toilet apart, too. Changed the assembly, changed the tank to toilet gasket. All because I work for the water department. I can't stand knowing water is wasting. Greg handed me the tools I asked for. All because of a waste of $20 worth of money. Yeah. I call that motivation.

MizAngie said...

Now, Jane, you know good 'n well that you are the only one who can motivate yourself to do what you know is best. And you'll feel so much better about yourself. Sound like your Mom? Ha!!

I can't think of one good punishment because I was "Good Intentions Back in 2004" and now I'm "Oh Shit Is It REALLY 2008?" and I still haven't done stuff I realllly meant to do. Ha!! So, you're on your own, Chica.

j said...

No punishment just get 'er done. So I quess this means I'm a follower now. That's spooky. I will not drink the koolaid.

Deb "aka MaDukes" said...

Your a brave woman Jane -- posting your to do list.

Just saying hi over here at your new house. Have a good weekend.

Domestic Goddess said...

Well, dang...I was going to suggest giving Homer a foot rub, but someone's already said pedicure.


Ah. You must dedicate the entire next wknd to driving Omega and her crew anywhere and everywhere they wish to go.
You must bathe all the animals.
You must bake the most sinfully chocolate gooey dessert...and watch your family eat it, and don't even get to lick the fork.

I'm sure I can come up with more evil ideas...I am a parent after all!

Domestic Goddess said...

Here's another:
You must submit to a complete makeover ala Omega. I'm talking COMPLETE. Then, Omega and her squad gets to teach you a cheer, which you must then perform for Homer...preferably at a family gathering. You guys have Thanksgiving coming up, that sounds like a good time.

Told you, I'm evil.

Lorrie Veasey said...

If you're being too productive you're not enjoying enough fine wine, I always say. That's usually around the time I'm wiping up a spill using the list i wrote on Friday.

I think your punishment is you should have to have sex with your husband three nights in a row even if you are READING A GREAT BOOK or there is SOMETHING REALLY GOOD ON TV.

Some may not think that is punishment, obviously those people...are not me.

Manager Mom said...

Hm. A punishment? How about preparing my taxes? Cleaning the floor around the toilet bowl that my youngest points and shoots at? enduring my cooking?

Kat said...

Well, it's Sunday, how much is done...hopefully more than I've accomplished. I've only scratched off two items on my list of top 20 things to do this weekend. LOL

Sherrie said...

Hmmm let's see, I'm seem to recall just how much fun you had cleaning that clogged drain! Perhaps there's more out there just calling your name!

But I must say the suggestion to giving Homer a pedicure sounds quite torturous. Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Every saturday morning when I need to clean, I turn on the style channel and watch "Clean House" Once I see the slobs on that show I am mortified and start busting hump.

I am new to your blog, so I don't know you well, but you need a weekly consequence for each weekend list...

Like for each item you don't complete, you have to go a day without mascara, or do 10 situps or be denied your morning cup of coffee!