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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sugar is SO SaWEET!

I told you we got a big LCD TV for Christmas, no? Well, we've been playing Wii and watching movies on it since Santa dropped it off but we hadn't gotten around to messing with the antenna so that we could get some actual TV on the TV. I was under the impression that the antenna we had didn't work because one of the girls, Omega I believe, told Homer she hooked it up and... it didn't work. So Homer, being slightly more techy than PepperAnn, told me... it didn't work.

But we vowed to have reception by January 2nd at 6pm so we could watch our University of Utah football team totally send Alabama out with the tide. Plenty of time, right?

Well, of course it came down to Friday when I had to Google this whole confusing HDTV/digital business to try to make some sense out of how to get a signal... too cheap for cable or dish, remember? So Homer bought a new coax cable that in theory would hook to the rooftop antenna and travel through the house and down two floors on the exact same path as the old but inadequate wire.

Homer had it all set at both ends and was waiting for me to get home from work because he wanted 'someone responsible on both ends'. I didn't quite understand who was going to be up on the roof with HIM but I was at the bottom and I was supposed to just 'pull the cable through'.

Yeah. I'm sure you know it didn't work that well. The dumb thing wouldn't fit through the conduit and somehow I ended up on the roof end and was still there when a raging storm blew in. Rain/sleet/snow and BIG wind. Did I mention that I pulled the end off Homer's 'Fifty effing dollar cable'!?!? And we had to pull out a copper tube, no doubt for no reason. Oh and I almost lost the connector down the heinous hole that we had to dig in the roofing. Ugh, that's going to be a mess to fix, but we finally found a last minute, temporary work around - running the cable through the swamp cooler and into the closet and down a hole... finally arriving at the TV, where I worked the connector back on the end of the cable just in time for the Sugar Bowl!

And even though I changed into my thickest sweats and wrapped myself in a down blanket it still took me most of the first half to warm up. But it was all worth it because it turned out to be the biggest night EVER in the history of Utah football because much to the surprise of everyone who doesn't live in Utah, we beat Alabama! Woo-hoo!

Apparently we can thank Coach Saban and all the people who said we didn't deserve to play in that game for the victory. Nothing like a little disrespect to fire our boys UP! Way UP!

So my Utes are the only undefeated D-1 school in the country. I know all the controversy going on but I'm just going to say, UTAH IS NUMBER 1 in my book!

I hope to be back after dinner to catch up with everyone... but first I hear some tamales calling my name. Yum!


Noanie said...

I knew as soon as I read Homer was involved with the antenna that there was going to be trouble! Yeesh! But at least you got it connected - I am not that patient - I would have bagged the whole thing and gone out to watch the game. Glad you had success - in more than one way!

Diane said...

After all that, I'm glad the game went well. Imagine how much it would have sucked if they had lost!

Lorrie Veasey said...

I'm sorry- I just couldn't go to this kind of trouble unless something LIFE CHANGING was on tv...you know, like Rock of Love, or some other Quality show.

Shupe said...

YAY UTES! Alabama was SPANKED and given one in the keester without lube!!!!
well- I feel your pain. I am going to have to go buy a hdtv converter- cause like you- I REFUSE to pay for TV. We just don't watch it enough in this house!
Should have called me- I would have helped you out on the roof- and then it could have been 2 of us complaining about being cold instead of one!

loves ya!

jill said...

wow! you must REALLY love football. *grin*

Angie Ledbetter said...

Us down here in Tiger Land are glad Saban went elsewhere. :) Sorry 'bout the TV troubles.

Tracie said...

Hubby had the game on and I told him my blog friend was from Utah so I think he was cheering for Utah too. And i kept looking at the score every time i got woke up and I'd say "Utah still winning?"

Nadine Hightower said...

That was a good game!! I love it when the underdog...the one that nobody shows any respect for...the one that the reporters ignore...the one that slips under the radar and wins the freakin' game!!!

Go Utes!
OU is the underdog for the next big game??? right??

Miss Thystle said...

Grannie, what's an antenna?

Anonymous said...

Go ahead. Tell me you love me.



Soxy Deb said...

OMG! I am peeing my pants - "'someone responsible on both ends'. I didn't quite understand who was going to be up on the roof with HIM".
And then YOU ended up on the roof - too funny!

gail said...

Swamp cooler? Haven't a clue what that is.

No cable or dish or FIOS?

Hmmm....Himself would go through DT's without a full spectrum of channels to complain about.

Youa are an amazing woman, Jane. g

Debbie said...

Makes me glad I am not a sports fan.

Shana said...

Hey there
I am glad that I don't like football. That was football, wasn't it?
I left something for you over at my place! Check it out.

Sheri and George said...

It always takes a smart woman to get the job done.I have yet to understand why a man even starts it whne we always end up having to swope in and finish it.
Way to go and congrats on winning the game!

binks said...

Glad Saban has some glory since the dismal Dolphin days. He lived around the corner from my friend and even answered the door for trick or treaters. Truly a nice guy.

Yes, what is a swamp cooler?