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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oh the High Pressure World of Accounting

I am quite pleased to announce that I have officially completed our income tax reporting for.... 2007! Yessiree, in less than 9 months from the time they were due, I have finally sifted through the horrid, documentatious mess, poked the appropriate holes and filed the forms in their neat little binder.

I realize that some people do this on or before April 15th or even the 16th if they are all out exhausted from racing to the post office before midnight like, um, okay me, but I have to wonder what they then do with all that open desk space. I would have to *gasp* dust it, or something - FOR NINE MONTHS!

On the other hand, my method works out so very nicely; I can now use the empty space to accumulate all that mail that arrives marked 'important tax documents'.

Until April 14th arrives and we start the race all over again.

I won't discuss it out loud, but I have a squishy, loosey goosey, kinda sorta goal in the back of my head that says this might be the year that I do taxes before the very last minute. But only because my inner tax analyst tells me that all those losses we took in the stock market last year might add up to a possible refund.
Isn't that a sign of the times? - me hoping that a bajillion dollar loss to our retirement accounts might cough up a hundred dollar refund.... which will hopefully buy enough mac and cheese to see us through.... like Wednesday?


Eyeglass update: I thank you all for your suggestions on their possible location. Right now I am just waiting for a good thaw. Our house has an almost-flat roof, which is now covered with about 4 inches of snow. I realize that they could have flown off my head in the antenna/storm frenzy. Or they could have dropped off when I was going up or down the ladder. Realizing that pawing blindly through the snow piles could do harm to the glasses, I'm just keeping a watchful eye on the snow piles, and hoping that PepperAnn doesn't find them first and trade them off to the old, blind setter next door for a half used chewbone.


Eudea-Mamia said...

Congrats on the taxes!!

You just reminded me I need to get bills in the mail, but I think I just heard the mailman go by.

Blogging - the reason why my electricity is going to be shut off.

Diane said...

So... does that mean today was better than yesterday?

Kat said...

Holy Moly and I thought I was the SLACKER?

thesleepdeprivedmomma said...

I told Hubby to make sure to get a report from his company (we're officially independent contractors and get 1099's) listing all the expenses and such and he says, "We have until April to do that." I had to remind him that my financial aid hinges on our tax return paperwork, so the sooner I get it in, the more funds are available. Amazing what incentive that was.

Here's to you getting it all started, all over again. *cheers*

Angie Ledbetter said...

One nasty chore completed! Yay. ;)

Debbie said...

Good for you. The trouble with our world today is that everyone is always rushing around. Thanks for breaking the streak.

Laoch of Chicago said...

Using my psychic powers to to help you find your glasses. Wait a moment .... I fear that I may not have psychic powers

Shupe said...

when I was married we did ours once- 4 years all together. NOW That is reason to strangle someone! I have a feeling he has not done them since-
I on the other hand do every year, and very quickly- I do get a refund for being a dirt poor, single mom!

loves ya- I'd say call- but can't - helps if you pay the stupid phone company while you still have money a week before payday.
So, I'm phoneless till Tuesday.
Oh well.

j said...

Yea the cobwebs were getting kinka bad. Must have been taking care of my taxes or some such nonsense as that. According to yo'mans choice for Treasury secretary it's not that important anyway. Oh well, dusted and cleaned so check out the N words.

Pat said...

Taxes? I know like you I'm hoping for some kinda refund this year, my 401K took a hard hit! Maybe I will get enough back to pay my state taxes??? Seems I always owe this lovely state!!! Makes me mad they won't let me claim Benji, he has expenses and I seem to spend more on his vet bills than I did the kids??? Anyway, not meaning to ramble, good luck with the glasses. Stay warm and congrats on the taxes. Pat

Miss Thystle said...

WOOT! You GO girl! High five! Now, if you've got some time, I've got some nice year end sales tax reports that need to be completed!

Soxy Deb said...

I'm an April 15th kinda gal here. And we usually get spanked each year (hence the no need to rush mode), but we too have had our asses waxed in the market - so...fingers crossed for the Big Mac and dare I hope for fries???

binks said...

I always claimed 8 dependents and waited 'til April 15th to pay what I owed. Don't want Uncle Sam to use my money interest free.
Now, the hubby has the CPA do them for us and the business. It has only been a few years and I always feel free on tax day! Yippee!