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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snow job

Saturday afternoon I noticed my neighbor Krys stomping home from my other neighbor's house. Come to find out that her rambunctious boys had pulled down their Christmas tree and broke several heirloomish ornaments. Although fairly new to the 'hood, Krys has deeply impressed me with her patience when in comes to her 4 small children. She is always the calm voice over the wild blur of mad kid-tivity that is their front yard, where even the neighborhood dogs dare not go.

But apparently she does have her limits.

I was out shoveling the driveway that afternoon - a fairly ambitious job after Friday's big storm - when I noticed Nick, the 7-year-old tree toppler, doing the same.

Jane: 'Nick, how's it going?'

Nick: 'Not so good. I have to shovel.'

Jane: 'Really? All by yourself?'

Nick: 'My mom's mad. She said not to come in until she can see some concrete.'

Jane: 'Yikes! You better get to work.'

Nick: 'How much do you have to do?'

Jane: 'Probably the whole drive.'

Nick: 'Really?'

Jane: 'Yep.'

Nick: ' You must really be in trouble. What did you do?'

Jane: 'Married wrong.'

Note to husbands in cold climes: If you let your wife blow off steam by shoveling snow, be warned that at the same time she is accumulating some sweet upper-body strength that may soon enable her to throw your a$$ over the back fence.

Merry Christmas Everybody! Santa has promised to put a better outlook in my stocking this year. I better go check it.


Lorrie Veasey said...

Merry Christmas Jane!

I hope Santa bring you back your hearing, and that husband of yours gets a spine. O wait-that sounded really mean. What I meant to say was that I hoped Santa brought you a handsome gardener or maybe a pool boy.

Shupe said...

What in GODS land is he thinking?
Great point- well put

I'm sick of this white crap though- Should you and I fly to Jamacia and Hide out till spring?

OH, and Merry Christmas Darling!
Loves you!

Tracie said...

Merry Christmas Jane!

j said...

Merry Christmas Jane! Homer, watch your a$$. Jane, Homer, da girls and PA, Happy New Year! Homer watch your a$$.

Diane said...

So... what was in your stocking?

Hope your holiday improved!!!

g said...

Did you find it under the tree? Is all else well by you? hugs, g

MaDukes said...

Geeze Jane, I'm surprised Homer isn't buried behind the potting shed yet.
Is it Monday yet. Lately I like it better at work. What's wrong with me?
So how did the big day work out?

Shana said...

Marissa says thanks for the Birthday wishes!!

Shovelling snow is good exercise, shovelling snow is good exercise, shovelling snow is good exercise

Queen-Size funny bone said...

good point, wheres my shovel.

R U Serious?? said...

Merry Christmas Jane!! Since I met you here, you never have failed to crack me up!!!! I just need to visit more often.. and so do you!! I hope you have a GREAT New Year

Thank God I don't have to shovel rain!!

meg said...

Good point :-P
Hope you an awesome Christmas, full of bright, shiny, expensive Jane-toys :-)

Heinous said...

That's why I do the shoveling here. I'll keep that in mind for when my boy does something wrong though.

Jeankfl said...

I think Homer better have a hell of a Christmas present for you.. or watch his back! LOL
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

Isabelle said...

Err.... I must admit it really disturbed me to find out you were no more in live space!!! Go figure why?

Anyways you seem to be happy here!

Geez... the fight with Bill must have been bloody for you to leave!Ha!;OP

Nice space here!!

Yo! Can I get your updates still??

I am not used to the whole inbetween galazies space things!

Okie see ya!

Have a Happy New Year!

Take care,

Laoch of Chicago said...

This is why I moved to the big city, as Confucius said, "Shoveling sucks ass!"

Mary Moore said...

You are hilarious!