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Friday, April 18, 2008

New heights of narcissism

My list

My love: Family
My addiction: Sleep
My sport: Basketball
My obsession: Reason
My dream: Beaches
My food: Thai
My treat: Sleep
My pastime: Creating
My music: Rock
My craving: Solitude
My happiness: Doing
My fear: Evil
My weakness: Soda
My scent: Fresh
My foolishness: Sugar
My relaxation: Water
My joy: Daughters
My color: Blue
My time: Now
My need: Sunshine
My fantasy: Order
My crazy: Chaos
My rock: Me
My soul: Pepperann
My security: Knowledge
My heart: Daddy
My secret: Depression
My wish: Health
My reward: Shoes
My determination: Life
My indulgence: Television
My pursuit: Happiness
My day: Friday


Anonymous said...

I like this list ... several of those would be what I would have written myself ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way, I dug around a little to see if I could figure out why yours (and a few others) blogs weren't showing as being updated. Apparently it's a bug that Blogger is looking into. Since it's still a beta feature I guess they're still working out the kinks :)