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Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Style: Horticulture

I love reading about how you lucky people in warmer climates are out working in your gardens already in just in the kind of way I enjoy watching someone else eat chocolate cheesecake... without sharing.

Meg and Frana have all these things blooming and I can't get over how they know the real names for plants and Frana talks about the need to transplant like there's a purpose to it. Meg goes out and BUYS things to bring home and plant.

Yeah, at our house it goes something like this...
"Hey Homer, I think that brown thingamajiggy over by the wall is dead, so how about next time we plant some bark there."
"It is not dead. I think it is just dormant."
"Dude, it's an evergreen! Dormant is not an option."

So whadda you all think?

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Anonymous said...

Yay! Is it official? Are you moving here? If you are, I'll change your link on my page. If not I suppose I'll have to put two links there for you *sigh* ;)

Um, ya, pretty sure that is considered d-e-a-d! LOL

I'm still seeing snow out my window today...supposed to warm up this weekend tho...