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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Anything you say can and will be used against you...

Thursday morning Love talk in Jane's kitchen:

Jane: There's the leash you were looking for.
(Jane opted not to help Homer look for the dog's leash last night, so he used the belt from her leather coat to walk the dog in an attempt to agitate and punish her for not finding the leash for him. Another time he used an extension cord.)

Homer, sputters: Uh.
(He wants to say 'How the heck did I miss that?' but that would be too much like admitting this was not Jane's fault.)

Jane: It was right there on the counter...

Homer: Well, it's supposed to be hung up behind the door.

Jane: ... where you always leave it... on that counter there.

Homer: Yeah, but you're supposed to pick up after me.

Jane , turns to hug Alpha goodbye and whispers: I'm going to kill him.

Alpha: Okay, just wait until Omega and I are gone.

Homer: Wait for what?

Alpha (smiles): You'll see. (reconsiders) No, you probably won't see... not if she does it right.
Have a super weekend every buddy!
Don't even worry about Homer...

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