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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Jane the Jazz Jinx

I'm a big Jazz fan. That's the one with the capital J and capital NBA. I used to watch religiously while Reverend Sloan preached maturity and hard work and sent his disciples out on the floor to spread the word of Stockton to Malone. And Reverend Sloan saw it and it was good... uh, sorry, they were good and they made it to the finals 2 years in a row only to get knocked down by Lucifer Jordan. Kid-ding. Well kind of.

Those were the good old days... and then the veterans started leaving. Some retired, some ran off to hook up with other teams that were believed to have title hopes. Sloan ended up with a whole new class of kindergartners... who had their problems... which I won't go into. Interest 'round these parts dropped off considerably. Mine did, too. Then things started getting interesting again when the Jazz snagged a couple of good players, made some smart draft choices and I don't know... maybe lured them to practice with the promise of double frosting in their cookies.

Anyway, the Jazz, if not a great team, at least became fun to watch... so I went back. Well, I TRIED to go back. The regular season games that I went to were great... loved the new look and they usually won.
Then last year they made the playoffs and they lost every game I watched. I think they were down like 3-0 in the first round. So I stopped watching... and they began to win. They won the series. From there on out, every time I turned on the tv, they stunk up the gym.
Jane doesn't watch: Jazz get big lead.
Jane turns on the game: Jazz throw the lead into the toilet.
I'm not a superstitious person but how do you explain a pattern like this?

I don't remember if I told you about it last year and I'm too lazy to go back and look, but
Cindy would text me updates whenever they played so that I wouldn't be tempted to turn on the telly. Homer chased me from the family room and would even sweep through the house periodically to make sure I hadn't tuned in on another tv. Sometimes they would call me to watch the last 30 seconds or so if there was at least a 10 point lead. No worries that anyone would let me actually GO to a game. Seriously, I became known as The Jazz Jonah.

Like childbirth, I guess I blocked out the pain of last year's playoffs... until Friday night. I got a text from Cindy who was in Florida: R u watchin?
Crap! No, I wasn't watching. I forgot about it. I turned on the set and texted back: I wasn't but i m now.
They had a 12 point lead over the Rockets, which I watched them quickly squander.
Text from Cindy: Ok stop watching.
She was nice enough to blame the officials but I knew better. So I tuned in again in the 3rd quarter - just to test my theory... yep, same result.
From there on out I had to settle for updates. They won.
Last night was the same thing. The Jazz won again and they now head home for 2 games and hopefully polish off those Rockets. As long as I don't watch, I suppose.

So I'm looking for advice. How do I break this kind of curse? I am really not content to go through another round of playoffs getting kicked to the locker room. After all, this year? This year the Jazz have
this HERE:
Definitely the cutest thing to happen to basketball in... forever.
What?! We could be the next Ashton and Demi...

We may have to chat about those socks, though...

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