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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Heart Barbie!

Jane's note: This is not a poem. The format is just a ploy to make you read slower, thus making today's entry seem longer... and more cleverish.

Yesterday I finally caved and bought a new wallet.
I wanted any color but black because it is very dark in my purse and black is,
dark, and hard to find.
Have you noticed the world gets dimmer as you get older?

The problem is that in the wallet biz,
bright + pretty = dainty + non-functional.
It seems that if you need a serious wallet
with proper places for all things important,
you are stuck with black...
or brown which is really just another black.

So, once again, I sold out
and bought black.
The crazy thing is that when I opened my BLACK wallet,
I recognized the smell of it
as the very same smell
that came from my Barbie Dream House
all those mrfrtzs years ago.
I was at once shocked that I remembered the smell
and mystified by where that smell has been all this time.
I think this may be a problem
because now every time I open my purse
I badly want to 'play Barbies'.
I do still have my Barbie...
and all her friends, but not the dream house.
And that probably wouldn't go over well with the people in my life.

When they lock me away in the looney bin,
I'm going to ask if I can take my Barbies.


Nadine Hightower said...

When I grow up and become a fashion designer I will design a line of handbags that are lined in light colors so that we can find our poop in our purses. I'm thinkin' pink satin.

And my wallet has always been red. Fossil makes a fab wallet in many colors.

Kat said...

You should put that dream house on your Christmas List - I dare you!

I'm wondering WHAT exactly is in your purse that you can't find your wallet. I can find my wallet by feel it's the damn keys, lipstick, advil, chewing gum and small stuff that I can never find!

thesleepdeprivedmomma said...

I have my mother's old brown suede wallet from 1960-something. It's ugly but since I can't find anything better or stomach the thought of spending $10 minimum on something I already have (hey, it's ugly but functional) I'll just live with it. I'm ridiculously cheap like that. As for the Barbie thing . . . I do hope they let you take them with you, cause you're sure to go if you keep telling people you smell your old Barbie Dream House!I'm just sayin'!

Gina (Mannyed) said...

I once bought a very functional, very red wallet by Kenneth Cole. Let me know if you want a used red wallet by kenneth Cole. :o)

Miss Thystle said...

I used to carry a red wallet too, but then I had a purse with a red lining so now I have a shiny silver faux snake one and I heart it very much. I got it at ross for like $6.

Anonymous said...

Awwwww ... I think that's fantastic that the memory would rush back at you like that. My mom still has her 50s style Barbies...I think when she goes to the looney bin (she always told me I'd put her there) I'll let her have her Barbies ;)

Diane said...

I know that smell!!! It's bizarre how smells can bring you back. I once followed an old woman around the grocery store for 20 minutes because she wore the same perfume as my favorite aunt (who died a long time ago). And the other day, I stopped to get a drink at McDonalds, and the coffee/breakfast-y smell that wafted through the drive-thru window took me straight back to Saturday morning shopping with my mother at Woolworths... we used to stop for coffee and hot chocolate.

PS... I have a cool HOT PINK wallet (from Target). It's very functional and it practically glows in the dark!

Noanie said...

Why of course you can take your Barbies with you into the Looney bin Jane! And how about Ken and Skipper and Midge - do you want to bring them along also?

Angie Ledbetter said...

Hehe, loved this! I heart Barbies too. Still remember getting my very first one. It was 1964 and she had the "bubble cut" hairdo. Alas, my twin sister stole all the really fashionable clothes, but I still have some of the goodies.

Check here for a nifty, CHEAP, and colorful wallet you might enjoy: http://cgi.ebay.com/Metropolitan-Chic-Hard-Case-Designer-Flat-Wallet-Case-T_W0QQitemZ370110231760QQcmdZViewItemQQimsxZ20081110?IMSfp=TL081110111003r20318

TwiBitch said...

Oh yeah...wallet and purse buying are at the top of my least favorite things to do! Purses just don't work for me anymore. I can never find one with an outside pocket for my cell AND inside compartments, all in one purse! Need the compartments so when I'm driving down the street, I can just reach in, without taking eyes off the road, and find what I'm looking for. Seems I can get outside pockets OR inside compartments, but not both! Me thinks they're all designed by MEN! Or KIDS that don't have to carry all their 'mans' stuff in them!

Also, I'm wondering if Homer and my David are related? Hmmm.

Have a great weekend Jane!

TwiBitch said...

Oh, btw, Jane. You will notice, as you get closer to my age, that dark colors don't do ANY self respecting middle aged person any favors! I HATE it when I have to read digital stuff like cell phone screens that are black on gray. IMPOSSIBLE for these old tired eyes! I agree with you whole-heartedly...color, we need color in our lives!

meg said...

I still have the orginal Barbie case & 60's dolls a second cousin handed down to me when I was 5- the guys know these are family treasures, so one little snicker & out goes the Legos & Hot Wheel collections they think I don't know about :-)

Anonymous said...

Smell is such a clever sense...

What's wrong with playing with dolls? g

MizAngie said...

Sometimes I take out my Barbie in the sewing room and make her clothes. It's the grown up way to play Barbies. And then, some adolescent girl reaps the benefit by acquiring some very stylish doll clothes. My nieces had more Barbie clothes than anyone, and their friends were sooo jealous when I made them and their Barbies matching pajamas for a slumber party. ACK! I had so much FUN!!!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! When I told hubby about the hair, he told me to CUT it as well. But scissors that close to my nose freaks me out. Plus...I totally thought that by cutting would make it grow faster. What do I know??! :)

J'Ollie Primitives said...

Nothin' wrong with playing with dolls. Go for it!
Sensory memory....ahhhh. I can smell my grandmother's porch in my head. Sun-warmed wicker.
Funny how sniffing a wallet can take you back. :)

Lorrie Veasey said...

I would suggest you next try some Malibu Rum...

It will take you right back to Tropical Barbie. The tan Barbie in the one piece with the plunging neckline, who always wore her stilletos pool side.

Anonymous said...

How was the weekend? g