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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Am I dreaming?

A phone call I never expected, even in my most bizarre, far-fetched dreams... of which I have many:
"MOM, you won't believe this. Gas is $2.08 a gallon over here by C.J.'s house! I was so excited I used my last $10 to fill up!"

I didn't know whether to be more excited about the gas price or that my child was putting her own money towards fuel.

Yeah, yeah, I know you have probably been paying like 73 cents a gallon since about May over there in *insert your town*, but please keep that to yourself and let me celebrate the fact that I can, once again, afford to drive to the gas station.

I just realized, because I'm mathy like that, that that is less than HALF of what we were paying in August. I also just realized that I am very special to be able to use 'that' three words in a row.

And the news just gets better... Omega has a job! Yay! In retail sales, which is just the place for a girl who could sell prayers to the Pope. Heaven help the poor teenage boy who steps foot in her sporting wear store. His pockets will surely be empty when he leaves.


Gina (Mannyed) said...

ooo for a minute there, I thought your unexpected phone call was from George from the White House.

Gas hasn't hit that low for us in NYC, but I'll be looking forward to it when it does.

Diane said...

We're just under $2 here and I'm actually excited about going to the gas station this afternoon! Would have been nice if it had been that low in July, when I drove like a gazillion miles to Maine and back.

Heinous said...

Tell her that you'll match her contribution until it gets to four dollars a gallon again.

meg said...

Congrats on getting the child to put her own cash is the tank- that is a real accomplishment :-)

Debbie said...

I think it is all exciting. Our gas just today dropped that low. Plus, a teenager using her own money. Heaven help us. And congrats on the job. Those are hard to come by right now.

Tracie said...

It's a sad sad day when we are excited about going to the pump.

Good deal on the job! That's exciting!

Anonymous said...

We're enjoying the extra coin in our pocket from the lower gas prices too!
Yay Omega! (One of) my first jobs was in retail, I bet she'll do great, especially if she can sell those prayers to the Pope ;)
Oooh 48!? You're living it up aren't you...funny thing this morning on the radio they were talking about Snowbird and that it had opened in Utah and they were WOWing that it had 46 inches of snow LOL ;)

Kat said...

Just how much would it piss you off if I told you that I paid $1.65 for PREMIUM gas on Sunday? Hmmm?

Yay for the J.O.B. - wish I had known you when mine were younger, never could get one of them to get one of those things!

Cindy said...

Makes me wish I had a car.

A teenager?

Not so much.

Anonymous said...

What we have to remember is that it is going down partially because we stopped driving so much and put our thermostats down! If we want it to stay low we have to continue, right?

The Boy now has a car and it was grand not to have to get him to work this morning!


Lorrie Veasey said...

I'm anticipating the same phone call about ten years from now: but figure it might go something like this:


thesleepdeprivedmomma said...

We're right around that same amount over here in P'cola. Maybe a little above. I don't know, I filled up the other day and since then, haven't paid it the slightest bit of attention. I'll look at it all again at 1/4 tank. :) Sad, I know! And I must say, I'm impressed by your use of THAT three times in a row. Your almost as awesome as Porky Pig!!

Miss Thystle said...

I bow to both your math skills and your ability to use "that" three times in a row. I am simply not worthy...

Noanie said...

I can fill up my car again for under $25!!! Of course I fill it up every 2 1/2 days so that's not saying much.