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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One Stoned Weekend

Somewhere in the middle of last night, I came up with a REALLY good idea for today's blog. It even made me giggle in my pillow. Unfortunately, the title is all that I remember this morning. I'm not terribly upset because I realize that half-sleep blogging might hold the same integrity as drunk dialing - seeming to be a good idea at the time but not so much the next day. Or quite possibly I'm just trying to make myself feel better about yet another senior moment.
Last Saturday morning, Homer and I headed out of the snow and down to Moab for some R&R. One of the many amazing things about this place, You-tah, is that just by topping a mountain pass you can make a pretty good weather change. While not exactly bikini weather, it was sunnier and warmer and much fresher at our destination. Plus there was a hot tub. And there is NO cell service in the national parks!
We met up with a wild bunch that Homer hikes with regularly and had some fun. It was good to clear out the cobwebs and feel the legs burn a little. Oh, and the scenery wasn't bad either.
This is Delicate Arch. We like it so much, we put it on our license plates.
Another shot of it- new to me this year:

Something in the Fiery Furnace at Arches NP.

This is the back of the Three*Gossips at Arches.

And here's some double delicious archishness!
What? You say. This doesn't sound like a very romantic getaway for Valentine's Day weekend? Well maybe you should look again.

I can't tell you how many of these types of formations there are.
And this would be one of Homer's favorites.
See? Something for everyone.
This is Canyonlands NP.
Jane's just about to walk home because Homer keeps taking her picture.
We left the girls at home by themselves all weekend and it appears that nothing caught fire and no one was arrested, so I think we can score one for superior parenting!

All the pets were still alive, too, but I couldn't help but notice how the 'big three' attacked their food bowls Monday night. When Omega came home, I asked her why she hadn't fed the dog and two cats any of their wet food, which I usually mix in with the dry to spice it up a bit. She told me that she only fed them once and they were so happy to have any food, they didn't even care that it was all dry. I'm going to keep that in mind for the next time she's hungry; the longer I wait, the less that will be expected.
I'm so glad she cleared that up.

Is anyone not singing 'Feed the Birds' from Mary Poppins right now?


The Lady in Pearls said...

We have one of the booby mountains in our state, too! Ward laughs every time we drive by it. Such a child. I guess I shouldn't be throwing stones though, since I call the booby mountain!

Gina (Mannyed) said...

Those pictures are great! I should go get stoned one weekend.

Diane said...

Man, we don't have any dirty rock formations around here. That sucks.

And I can't believe Omega admitted to only feeding the pets ONCE! Ryan would have been, like, "I don't know why they're so hungry... I fed them ninety-eleven times when you were gone..."

Tracie said...

Love ALL the rock formations!

Tink would have said "You never told me to feed the animals"

Miss Thystle said...

Good parenting tip!

Nadine Hightower said...

I can see why you aren't tingly over my dishdrainer thing. I'm so jealous.

Domestic Goddess said...

Wonderful pics, Jane! And I swear, that's something Diva would claim, the 'they were happy to be fed at all' statement.


Lisa said...

terrific photos !!!
i love the delicate arch - beautiful x

lizspin said...

I do that sleep-blogging thing all the time too. . . and remember roughly half of them when I wak up in the morning.

Just think of what we may have missed!

Debbie said...

Wow. That is beautiful. I so wish I could go there.
I have had those middle of the night strokes of genius only to wake up with the same drivel I went to sleep with.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Stunning stuff. I really should travel more.

Laoch of Chicago said...

That really is stunning scenery.

I can't imagine not feeding my cats there wet food. They would cry and moan and wake me up. It would not be a mistake I would be allowed to make again.

The Lady in Pearls said...

Please don't use the "s" word when leaving comments on my blog. I will never do one of those things again........well I guess I'll owe Beaver one so he doesn't wind up in therapy complaining about how I loved Wally more than him..........crap.

Soxy Deb said...

OK so I realize one of those was a boob, but you were pointing out that one of them was a penis, right? Please tell me someone else saw that. Anyone? If not, I have to place a call to my therapist.

j said...

Well, they certainly have big ones in Youtah.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't singing the Mary Poppins song. I was trying to think of a Black Crows song and couldn't. {sigh}

Were y'all able to grab any of that meat off the freeway in SLC? Last year a cattle truck flipped on a freeway in Dallas and killed some cattle. I think it's much more humane to do it y'alls way and wreck hamburger patties as opposed to live cattle.

Paige said...

Beautiful pics!

Mary Moore said...

...tuppence a bag...

My dad took me to that movie when it first came out. I was just a wee one. :o) Great photos!

TwiBitch said...

Well, looks like you and Homer had a great weekend! Like most, I'm extremely 'green eyed' with envy right now. Haven't been to Arches NP yet, but hope to get there in the next year or two. Will have to remember to give you a shout when we get out that way.

Hope you have a wonderful 'rest of the week'!

Pat said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend and all the sights you saw!! A little something for everyone huh? Glad you got out some, I'm so ready to go outside. today too cold , maybe next week? Take care Jane and those teenage daughters they do grow up and you hope for the best. LOl Hugs, Pat