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Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Fragments

Yay, it's Friday! That sounded so good I think I'll say it again. YAY, IT'S FRIDAY!!!

It's been a beautiful week but I'm ready for it to be over - the work part of it, anyway. Or I should say the paid-for, with-benefits part of the week because I'm sure my weekend won't be all dvr and bon-bons. Nope, it will be extreme carpentrying.

Homer has been constantly jabbing at me with baseboard game plans. ALL. FRIGGIN. WEEK. You see, the Mancave was originally put together by someone with less regard for right angles even than me. This creates some unique challenges when it comes to applying new baseboard and wood trim around the doorways. Did I tell you that I spent last weekend totally ripping out the ceiling in the hallway because it was so completely out of whack that it was making Homer's head spin?

Yeah, one step forward, two steps back. Part of why I've been reluctant to share pictures. I'm afraid you all will hunt me down and have me committed. Not that I wouldn't go willingly.


Sad news about Natasha Richardson, huh? Homer and Alpha went skiing/snowboarding yesterday. Alpha started skiing when she was 3 or 4 but switched to snowboarding a few years back, so she was excited to announce last night that she has finally made it back up to the black diamond (difficult) runs at Snowbird. I asked if she was wearing a helmet. No, she wasn't. I looked at her dad's hair and asked if he had worn his helmet (already knowing that he hadn't). Nope. I think I will print off a picture of Natasha and tape it to their season passes. Didn't we already learn this lesson with the Kennedy guy who died of head-to-tree disease?


For Soxy Deb and anyone else who cares: My bike commute home from work is about 13 miles. Last summer I did it most days of the week and rode TO work as well. Mostly , anyway. I rode 12 miles and then took the train up a very steep hill to my actual place of employment. Hey, I didn't want to show up smelling completely like a linebacker on a hundred degree, double practice day. I'm also pretty sure I would have to literally drag my bike up that hill. And no, I DON'T go home that way.

Before you think too highly of me, I will tell you that I have an extreme case of the lazies when it comes to exercise. The best way I could think of to force myself into it was to 'give my car away' to a resident teenager. I do drive for trips that are far or dangerous or require more cargo area than my two-wheeler allows. I also walk quite a bit since I am lucky enough to live within walking distance of my bank, the post office, library, three grocery stores, the H'Depot, Target and even the liquor store. You have no idea what a rare thing THAT is here in You-tah.

So, see, I TELL myself that I am being green/saving money/exercising the dog when really I'm just forcing myself to live a little longer. It's all about spin.


Did you watch the President on Jay Leno last night? I know you are probably tired of hearing it, but I just LOVE that guy. I laughed a lot - especially at the comments about the dog. What did Jay call it? A Portuguese Waterhead?

And lastly, a Friday funny. True story but I won't use real names. Okay, I will.
My friend Marial is having a bathroom installed in her basement. Her contractor is the boyfriend of a friend. One day she went downstairs to survey the jobsite and discovered there, on top of a dirt pile, was a pair of her underwear. USED underwear! She had forgotten that she wasn't supposed to use her laundry chute and being a creature of habit as well as quite a neatnik, she had tossed her drawers down without a second thought.
Luckily, this was a day when Bathroom Guy hadn't been able to work on her project. Whew! She grabbed the pink panties and vowed to be more careful.
For some reason she told Bathroom Guy about how near he came to experiencing a sullied skivvy shower, to which he replied that it would have been no big deal since it had already happened once and he had tossed the 'precipitation' over in a laundry basket.
I think that was the point where Marial made a mental note to cancel all mixed-company social engagements for the next year.
And to go commando until the project is completed.
Okay, I made up that last part because Marial is really not the military type but if I were her, I would learn to be.
Peace, Love, Laundry!
Have a great weekend.


Sheri and George said...

Glad to hear you made it home alright on your bike.
Sorry the mancave isn't going as well as you'd like it.
The underwear story is funny tho.
Hopefully you have none of that while working on the mancave (keep your laundry where it belongs)and don't go cammando while riding your bike.

Becca said...

Have a great weekend!

Miss Thystle said...

They did say that Natasha probably wouldn't have been helped by a helmet. it wasn't from her head hitting something but rather from her brain banging around inside her skull.

But I get your point, damn kids. Never listen, do they?

Debbie said...

I missed Obama on Leno. Maybe I can catch it on YouTube.
Yes, Natasha's death has hit me hard. How tough.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Hope your TGIF high lasts till Monday morning!

lizspin said...

Hope the weekend is semi-fun and semi-successful.

And, yes, we recently had a funeral for a 42 year old man (father of three) who died in a skiing accident on a intermediate slope. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Sonny Bono met his demise kissing a tree, as well.

As far as bike riding goes- there's not a better sport around.

Jan said...

Maybe someday I will tell my underware story. I havent told anyone and it happened probably 10 years ago!! Lets just say I quit going to a certain grocery store!

Laoch of Chicago said...

Skiing seems pretty frightening this week.

Anonymous said...

Have fun in the mancave. Right angles are highly overrated.

Gaston Studio said...

Wow, that's a long bike ride and I commend you.
Have a great weekend.

TwiBitch said...

Straight & plummed walls & ceilings? Who are you kidding!? We've got at least TWO issues in our money pit that need straightening. A wall and a corner. Not gonna' be fun, but hubby insists that we fix both. I say we straighten the wall and fix the corner. We'll see who wins this battle. ;)

Good luck getting those lines straight. When you do, let me know how you did it.

Noanie said...

Jane, I applaud you for whatever exercise you do - some is better than none. I'm wrestling with lower back issues that are keeping me from doing the exercise that I'd NEED to do - hey, I have my son's wedding in October - I need to shed much weight!!!
Be well. Peace

Noanie said...

PS, I have wondered whether the ghost is watching while I change. Eh, I'm no prize, so if he wants to watch, it's his perogative.