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Monday, April 20, 2009

That exploding sound will be my head

I spent the whole weekend creating even more chaos here at Chez Jane. Yes, more.

Who'd a thought that possible.

Since Homer had come to a dead stop on the Mancave project, I moved on to something requiring fewer committee decisions - Omega's bedroom. I promised her a paint job over a year ago and she had finally picked out the colors, so I ran with it.

The ceiling was previously painted to look like blue sky and clouds - a very cool look, I thought, when combined with a vaulted ceiling and clerestory windows.

Cool for my kiddies, not so much for my teenagers.


Thinking all the while about how hard I worked on that ceiling, I attempted to obliterate it with stain-blocking primer. And a coat of ceiling paint. And another coat of ceiling paint.

That sky would not die!

While painting the ceiling, I noticed that the light fixture was cracked so I decided to buy a new one.

But maybe a ceiling fan would be nice.

Omega agreed via text so I bought one.

Two ceiling fans, in fact, because I couldn't decide. And really, how can you make up your mind unless you have your husband put both of them together from the 153 pieces in each box and hold all 84 pounds of each of them up to the ceiling. This one, then that one. Hmmm. Definitely that one.


He should thank me for the upper body workout.

So I painted the ceiling and the white trim and hung the fan and scooted off to pick up the paint.


She wanted pink. Two pinks, in fact.

Let me just say that we have dubbed Omega's room The Barbie Bordello. It takes more mental energy than I possess just to BE in that room. Which might be the plan.

But her stuff is in the hall... and the other bedrooms.... and the living room because I still have one more coat of everything to apply.

And the weekend is over.

Can it get any worse?

Of course it can.

Homer gets off the phone with his parents:

"They're leaving home on Wednesday."

"Where are they going?"


"Here. Which Wednesday?"

"This coming one."

(In full meltdown) "Whatthehell? We talked about Mother's Day. We talked about Father's Day! We did NOT talk about April 23rd!"

"Oh, well, let me just call them back and tell them not to come."

"What a relief! I was afraid you wouldn't be willing to do that."

But of course he won't.

And he shouldn't.

Because I like them and all....

But FOUR freakin' days NOTICE?

If the earth was ever going to crack open and swallow me up, now would be a good time.

But with my luck, I would survive and company would still come.

Oh, but then I'd have an excuse for the craptastically messy house!


jill said...

our "guaranteed seven day" project has turned into 14 and counting. but we are all getting great workouts navigating the obstacle course that has been constructed in our hallways.

maybe the inlaws will want to help with the painting?

Laoch of Chicago said...

Wow, so stressful! Good luck with the tidying.

Diane said...

I say Homer finishes the painting.

Jane? Are you OK? Whew... when I heard that noise, I was afraid you'd just snorted your sinuses out your nose. Sorry. It was just a suggestion...

Kat said...

Dang, I heard that all the way down here in Texas!

Can I just say that my first rent house, almost 30 years ago mind you, had a bedroom painted pepto bismal pink. The entire room including ceiling, walls, trim, doors AND HARDWOOD FLOOR. I STILL have nightmares about that room to this day. Well that is partly due to the urine smell, but THAT is another story...

Ever try covering BLACK walls and ceiling? That was one of my high schooler's choices. Try 4 coats of primer, then 7 coats of white paint and call me in the morning...

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I'd use the makeover plans as an excuse for the messy surroundings and feel I was off the hook. Lets hope that their early arrival doesn't mean they will be staying until Fathers day.

Jane! said...

Ohmigosh, Q-SFB, that is NOT funny!

Diane - we do NOT let Homer paint. Except outside. Where the damage is more minimal.

Jan said...

I can so relate to the bedroom project. I am in the process of deciding what color to paint my daughter's old room now that she has vacated my premises. The old color was 2 shades of lavender with white sponge painted clouds. I am thinking taupe or maybe a sage green? I am excited. But this project is a lot of work and I don't have looming company. Thank God.

Noanie said...

Holy crap - and you let him live?!? It is official - you are a saint.
Hope you can stay semi-sane.

Tracie said...

4 days to the in-laws, half painted room - AUGGG!!

Shupe said...

My jobless arse can come and help if you need it ya know! I'm just a phone call away!

Lucky Wife/Bookaholic said...

I think you and daughter might have to "call in sick" to work adn school, finish painting and re load her room, Her price for letting her stay home... Flight of the bumblebee cleaning, as I like to call it.

Angie Ledbetter said...

No ma'am. Company with 4 days or less notice isn't called company. Them's home invaders.

Hey, take thyself off to a spa for that time period. Tell 'em you're going to marriage counseling. :)

Sheri and George said...

I say slap a paitnbrush in mamma in laws hand and a hammer in pappa in laws hand and get both the bedroom and the mancave done at the same time. Isn't that what family is for? Then when that's done they can help with the clean up and by that time they'll be ready to go home. Problem solved. You can then relax.

Shana said...

Wow, I hope you get it all done, or not. Just pretend you don't speak English.

Debbie said...

Oh mercy. I feel your pain throughout this! And I've been promising my youngest that I would paint his room for a year now.

Domestic Goddess said...

Jane, it could be worse. Honest. It could be *MY* MIL coming to stay with you. Trust me, that's worse. She'd be gasping and moaning and huffing about the mess, then whine if you *dared* to actually spend any time doing anything about the mess, because that would be a nanosecond or more not basking in the glory that was her.

I wish I were kidding.