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Monday, September 8, 2008

Freezer Love

Ever have one of those cumulatively crappy days
where nothing stands alone
as the single big brown stain on your day,
but by 5 o'clock you are exhausted
from trying to dodge every little annoyance that gets shot at you?
Like… say for instance, you get bike grease on your white linen pants,
your stapler jams - over an over again,
your husband sends you an irritating email,
your lunch order gets screwed up,
your water bottle jumps from your bike
actual blocks from home…
and springs a leak...
on top of the usual job-related irritations and
when you get home feeling SO hungry
you think you will truly DIE,
you discover that you are one bouillon cube short of dinner.
Yeah, JUST like that!

Well, don’t give up hope, campers.
Because just as you are sitting there,
crumpled in the corner holding your little empty Wyler’s jar
and wishing you were Samantha Stevens
so you could twitch your nose and conjure up a cube or two,
you may get an idea.
You might suddenly remember freezing a container of chicken stock a few weeks back!
And when you madly plow through your freezer,
getting more and more frustrated
because not only can't you find the broth
but you CAN find at least a half dozen single waffles,
37 yellow Italian ices,
some foil wrapped frozen mysteries, and no...
could it be?
Why yes!
Yes it is!
Something that has eluded capture for at least 3 months!
And suddenly chicken stock and dinner and all the day's bad things evaporate.
And when your daughter comes home and sees you sprawled on the floor
in front of the open fridge,
licking a wooden stick,
and she asks how your day was, you will smile and say
Because Jesus sent you a Dove bar.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I see you're still contemplating using this blog! I know you said you didn't want anything fancy shmancy here but I thought I'd give you a couple links to blogs that offer free template for Blogger. They're REALLY easy to use - no I'm not being paid to give you the link LOL but thought JUST in CASE you wanted something more "you".



Some are rather CUTESY but some are really cool looking. Anyway, see ya around Blogland ;)

Anonymous said...


That second link got cut off - hope it doesn't do it again...

Anonymous said...



meg said...

That post affirms the reason I can ingore the dust- the alternative is exhausting. The guys are less "willing participants" than "indentured serfs to the whim of the tyrant" aka The Queen- they've learned its better to go along.
If you can stand all the flipping emails, Flylady can help- the piles are fewer & less hazardous, the sink & toilet are always shiney, & I've learned to cut myself some slack.
Re the trip to Squaw- that trip is only the 2nd time I've been up to Tahoe, but I can highly recommend a visit to Emerald Bay & the hike down to Vikingsholm- but take the free trolley- parking is a bitch